The Evolutionary Epic Conference Agenda
January 3-8, 2008
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  THURSDAY – JAN. 3    7:30- 8:00  “Celebrating the Universe’s Story In Hawaii”

                                            8:00-9:00    Inaugural Presentation – Brian Swimme

  FRIDAY JAN. 4   The Epic Story as Science and History

Morning General Session

Special Focus Session 1

Special Focus Session 2

Evening Theme Session

8:-8:45  (2-20 min)

Russ GenetHumanity: The

Chimpanzees Who Would Be Ants


Craig Benjamin –  “The Convergence of Logic, Faith, and Values in the Modern Creation Myth”



 “Teaching Big History at the College/University Level”
Cynthia Brown - Chair


Jacquelyn Miller
Alan Wood

     "Global Systems History"


 “The Evolution of Religion: "Engaging the outcomes of the 2007 conference"   (Discussion)

Joseph Bulbulia – Chair


Michael Murray,

Jeff Schloss,

Bill Irons




Walter Alvarez – “The Character of Big history – A Geological Perspective”


8:45-9:30  (2-20 min)

Cynthia Brown – “Why Don't More Historians Teach Big History?”


Drew Delinger – “ The Poetic Cosmos”

8:20 – 9:00

David Christian – “Some Enchanted Evening: History and Science after the Chronometric Revolution”


















  SATURDAY - JAN. 5   The Epic Story of Humanity

Morning General Session

Special Focus Session 1

Special Focus Session 2

Evening Theme Session

8:00-8:45  (2-20 min)

John Irwin

“Following the Energy and Entropy”


Richard Coren

“The Law of Entropy and Information in Evolution”



“Critical Thresholds in Human Evolution: From Ape to Artist”

Nick Toth & Kathy Schick - Chairs


Bruce Latimer
Rebecca Cann

Henry Corning

Alan Almquist

Paul Wason
Glenda Griffin



“Critical Thresholds”  Continued




Carlos Camargo – “Fire and Civilization”

8:45-9:30  (2-20 min)


Nick Toth & Kathy Schick – “Techno-organic Evolution: Human Origins, Technological Innovation, and our Biological-Behavioral Synergy


4:00 pm and 9:00 pm

“Entheogenesis: Awakening the Divine Within”  - special film screening
Rodd Mann  


5:30-6:15  (During Social Time)

Special tool demonstration by Kathy Schick and Nick Toth

8: 20 – 9:00

Stephen Sass – “The Substance of Civilization: Materials and Human History from the Stone Age to the Age of Silicon”



  SUNDAY – JAN. 6    7:30-9:00   Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack – “The View from the Center of the Universe”

  MONDAY – JAN. 7   The Epic, Art, Culture, and Meaning  

Morning General Session 1

Morning General Session 2

Morning General Session 3

Evening Theme Session

8:00-8:45  (2-20 min)

Cheryl Genet –  “Science and the Human Spirit


Todd Duncan – “Our Cosmic Context”


10:00-11:10 (3-20 min)

Jack & Linda Palmer – “Transcending Cultural Indoctrination: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff”


Jerome Feldman -
"Conversations in Heaven: Council houses and Oratory in Nias, Indonesia and Samoa".



Rob Duisberg – “Toward an Information Morality: Imperatives Derived from a Statistical Mechanics of Meaning


11:30-1:00  (4-20 min)

Gary Moring  - “Quantum Psychology – Bridging Science and Spirit”


Sheri Ritchlin – “Eastern Sages and the Western Epic: Viewing Cosmos with Both Hemispheres of the Global Brain”


Jeff Jenkins – “Alchemical Ritual Evocation of the Epic of Evolution in our Cellular and Psychic Memory”


Winslow Myers – “Already Living: An Artist’s Perspective on the Evolution of the Human” (leaving on 8th)



John Mears

“Implications of the Evolutionary Epic for our Understanding of Human History”

8:45-9:30  (2-20 min)

Trileigh Tucker – “Contemplatio Ad Amorem Naturae: Contemplative practice in Ecozoic Education


Pauline Le Bel – “Bringing the Universe Story Home”


“Islands of Sustainability Panel”

Marc Gilbert – Moderator

Aimee Blom, Dana Beatty, Jon Davidann, Phyllis Frus, Leilani Madison, Carri Morgan, Arthur Whatley


5:30-6:15  (During Social Time)

Pauline Le Bel

8: 20 – 9:00

Chris Corbally  - “An Astronomer’s Faith within an Evolutionary Cosmos”



  TUESDAY – JAN. 8   The Epic, Spirituality, Ethics, and the Future

Morning General Session 1

Morning General Session 2

Special Focus Session 2

Closing Session

8:00-8:45  (2-20 min)

Paul Harris – “Cosmic Epics and Global Ethics: Evolution, Complexity, and Cooperation:


Gregory Mengel – ”The Future is and is not the Past: Ecology of Meaning in an Expanding Universe


10:00-11:10 (3-20 min)

Louis Herman - "Future Primal: An Old-New Politics for Evolving Humanity"


Jane Bramadat  - “Cultural and Religious Evolution”


Fernando Castrillon – “Digital Teleologies, Imperial Threshold Machinic Assemblages , and the Colonization of the Cosmos: A Post- Structuralist Interpretation of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey”



“The Evolutionary Epic: Opportunities for Cosmocentric Catholic Doctrine and Practice”

Peter Hess & Linda Gibler - Chairs


Linda Gibler – "Listening to the Voice of the Earth: A Catholic Perspective”



Chris Corbally

Cheryl Genet

Lelani Madison


Dwight Collins  -

“The Epic, Sustainability, and the Future”



Peter Hess – “Theological Problems and Promises of an Evolutionary Paradigm”

8:45-9:30  (2 20 min)

Josephina Burgos – “The Role of Imagination in the Process of Evolution”


John Wilkinson -  "Beyond Machines: Metaphor in Biology"


Pauline Le Bel

“Aloha and the Universe Story”




Cheryl and Russ Genet


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